Entrepreneur Cyril Ratel throws light on the inspiration behind creating the luxury watch brand ‘Ratel’

Over the last few years, the technology has evolved with a wide range of products following the latest market trends. Creating a niche of their own in the luxury products, the timepieces have made a place for themselves. After all, the brand you wear on your wrist is enough to garner everyone’s attention. Always pushing towards the quality and aesthetic, Swiss entrepreneur Cyril Ratel established an opulent watch brand named ‘Ratel’. This luxury watch brand has a reputation for its innovative designs and the high-end quality it has to offer to its customers.
The Geneva born entrepreneur after completing his MBA launched this brand. It was in 2004 when Cyril Ratel founded CRG Watches which was later christened the eponymous brand ‘Ratel’. Observing the history and the latest technological changes, the timepieces of the brand are inspired by the swanky lifestyle of the entrepreneur. At the onset of the launch of this watch brand, Mr. Cyril installed and created Swiss-made timepieces that were exported across the Gulf countries and Russia after which the regal timepieces went on to become a massive hit across the UAE, Mexico and other parts of the world.
The exceptional watchmaking company and its exquisite timepieces are adored by a majority of the people in Dubai. The most loved collection of ‘Ratel’ is VI Degrees. Under this collection, there are a series of watches including Chrono, XL Calendar, Open Heart, Skeleton, Skull and Elements. These distinctive watches respond differently as per the different atmospheres. When asked about what made him create this watch brand, the entrepreneur said, “I was passionate about luxury as a niche in the business sector. Zeroing down to timepieces, I always intended to launch personalized and exclusive Swiss-made timepieces. It feels great to see the brand flourishing from scratch and reaching potential customers all over the world.”
Without any iota of doubt, the timepieces of ‘Ratel’ have been the first preference of many celebrities. Known for its innovative design and cutting-edge technologies, ‘Ratel’ has set a bar in the watchmaking industry with its phenomenal collection. Moreover, the timepieces of the watchmaking company have set the trends in the market, and it continues to leave the customers in awe of its extraordinary collection. Furthermore, Mr. Cyril spoke about the roadblocks an entrepreneur faces while launching an independent business in the market.
Sharing his views about the same, he called it a constant challenge. “My brand works with the private funds that I have raised. Along with it, the artisans working for the watch designs have made sure to utilize creativity, thus setting a monopoly in the luxury markets.” Apart from direct selling, ‘Ratel’ has established a relationship with the reseller boutiques where the timepieces are available for sale. The products of the brand are also available on its official website

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